First 48 Hours

Welcome! Before you begin, be sure to download this document, print it and fill it out as you go through your training below.

Young Living and You

Watch this video to learn more about the Young Living Opportunity

As You Start Your Journey…

Wondering where to begin? Kimmy and Adam outline exactly how to get started with Young Living products and how you can maximize the amount of FREE product that you earn.

Getting “S.E.T.”, The Foundation to Your Success

Learn the first three steps for advancing through the Ranks to meet and exceed your goals in the quickest possible way!

Essential Rewards

Young Living’s customer loyalty program: Essential Rewards (aka “ER”). This is the absolute best way to get YL products, and the foundation of our business. Learn about all the perks ER program offers you and your future members!

Building Your List

Now that you’re a member, the most important thing to do is start thinking about who you can invite to a class! This list is the key to launching your business the best way.

Telling Your Story

Telling your story is so important and Kimmy makes it easy to understand and duplicate in this video!

Authentic Inviting

Your list is made, so now it’s time for the fun part – inviting your friends to come to your class to learn about Young Living.

Before Your First Class

Here is exactly what you need and how you should get ready to host your first Young Living class.

Follow Up

Now that you’ve learned how to make your list, authentic inviting, and how to host a fun event, the key to your success is following up with those who did or did not purchase product during the event.