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A big bowl filled with ice, Ningxia, Nitro and Zing
Thieves Starter Kit
Room Setup for Class
The Four Year Career and The Four Year Career for Women

Resources To Print

Z Income Disclosure Statement (PDF)

Print this to have on hand to show your guests what is possible with their Young Living business.

Z Sponsor Change Guidelines (PDF)

This information details out the steps of how and when you can make changes to your downline if you need to. Young Living does have a maximum window in which you can make a change. The window for U.S. is 20 days, whereas Canada’s window is 30 days.

Z New Member Sign Up – US Version (PDF)

Z New Member Sign Up – Canada Version (PDF)

Live Class with Richard, Kimmy, Adam and Vanessa

Press PLAY and bring Richard and Kimmy Brooke and Adam and Vanessa Green into YOUR living room. When you are ready to begin, click play, press the full screen icon and get ready for some fun!

Or! Let Adam teach your first class…

Use this video as a go-along guide when hosting your class! Simply press play for your guests and let Adam do the talking while you do the passing!