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A big bowl filled with ice, Ningxia, Nitro and Zyng
Thieves Starter Kit
Room Setup for Class
The Four Year Career and The Four Year Career for Women

Resources To Print

Z Income Disclosure Statement (PDF)

Print this to have on hand to show your guests what is possible with their Young Living business.

Z Sponsor Change Guidelines (PDF)

This information details out the steps of how and when you can make changes to your downline if you need to. Young Living does have a maximum window in which you can make a change. The window for U.S. is 20 days, whereas Canada’s window is 30 days.

Z New Member Sign Up – US Version (PDF)

Z New Member Sign Up – Canada Version (PDF)

Or! Let Adam teach your first class…

Use this video as a go-along guide when hosting your class! Simply press play for your guests and let Adam do the talking while you do the passing!